We offer Hemp and Recycled goods, quality outdoor gear and clothing and some just plain cool stuff!! We're always looking for great Hemp and eco friendly  products to bring our customers, here's a bit about some of the products we sell!!

Splaff" products are all made with recycled race car tires and bicycle inner tubes, regupol ( a cushioning material made from used tires which have been chipped and pressed into mats) and hemp. They are hand-crafted and are produced in a 100% waste free, earth friendly process in which all left over materials are either re-used or recycled. This stuff is awesome!!!!!

Satori Movement, where do we start
!  Hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton, mens and womens hoodys, jeans, t shirts, skirts. Backpacks (some skateboard packs), wallets, hats and socks to name a few. Then there's skateboard wheels made with recycled cores made from a hard polymer which can be re melted and remodeled unlike urethane,  and EcoThane soy based riding surface for an incredible ride.
Bamboo longboards from Creation Skateboards are completely sustainable and the coolest longboards We've ever seen!!!! 

      HEMPY’S is an American manufacturer and worldwide distributor of clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials including hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled synthetics. They work primarily with small, family owned sewing contractors in the local San Diego region. HEMPY’S eco-friendly products are 'Made in the U.S.A.' and create jobs for American workers and help stimulate the domestic economy.    

-Check out our
, right now we've got Patagonia hemp dresses and tanks for a great Price. Very Nice..

-Just got some Patagonia Capri's and Flip Flops also..
-Gramicci Hemp n Organic Cotton Blouses..
-Aventura Hemp n Organic Cotton Capri's

-We've also got a shipment of bikinis, they're not hemp but are
really high quality swimsuits for a great price! It's Beach Time!!

  We're always adding new items so keep checking back or email us with a request!
 Check out all of the cool stuff we have today!!   

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